Wednesday, August 28, 2013

7 Quick Takes: Christian Carpool Lanes, Texans in Nu-Yark-Sitty, and The Man I Married (vol. 10)

1. The Dog Ate My Homework

Alright, I'm 5 days late to the "Quick Takes Friday" game, but in honor of the first week of school, I have a good excuse! (see #5)

2. Telltale Texan

While visiting my sisters in New York City, I witnessed a sharply-dressed man, quickly but calmly running late, indifferently dodging pedestrians as he crossed 5th Avenue, and then casually raising his coffee cup in one hand to successfully and immediately hail a cab.

Cut to hours later, me trying to catch a cab to LaGuardia:

Talked myself up for a block, then nonchalantly lifted one hand as a swarm of traffic came toward me. An unmarked black sedan pulled over and told me to get in. I did. 

A few seconds later I got dumped back on the street, a block from my starting point, because I couldn't pay in cash. He didn't even offer me candy or a puppy. 

Two attempts later, I resolved to just jump in the back of the next cab that slowed down. Cabbies kept sticking their heads out the window, asking where I needed to go, and then speeding off when I asked for a ride to the airport. Did I mention it was rush hour in Manhattan?

3. Hypochondria

Sadly, I've completely worn out my sense of invincibility. So I took out a term life insurance plan, to ensure the family's okay until Wally can re-marry ASAP (for money, not for love, of course). It's a generous enough plan that I needed to take a physical before final approval, and after my approval paperwork was several weeks delayed, I knew they'd found something terrible, and death was imminent. Turns out, they had the wrong zip code on the hand-written envelope, and it circled around town for awhile until someone got it to the right house.

4. Can't Fix Stupid.

They're doing construction in our neighborhood, so the main access road is temporarily one-way. It is incredibly inconvenient. Still, not inconvenient enough to play chicken with oncoming traffic, risk driving into a ditch, and jam up an entire neighborhood, as this lady did, not just once, but THREE TIMES yesterday. We were out for a walk, and I was feeling neighborly, so I parked the stroller to watch and take her picture:

That's license plate #CBG 5790, and feel free to just leave her address in the comments below, if you're the tech-savvy type who can find out that kind of stuff. I'd like to stop by and visit her.

5. Oh, It's Not Our Season For Health
We had an awful parent experience last week, taking our 2-year-old to the ER with breathing issues. I'm sure I'll process it all and come out with some brave blog post about how we're all stronger and wiser, but I've got nothing like that yet.
Nonetheless, at least we're not bankrupt or poor over another ER trip in 3 months, because we're part of a great healthcare co-op. If you're like us, and traditional health insurance isn't an option because of accessibility or price, check out Samaritan Ministries. Or if you just think private health insurance sucks.
6. Christian Carpool Lanes

With the start of a new school year, I've picked up my sister from her [Omniplex] Christian Academy via the carpool lane a few times. The whole "last shall be first" thing is totally lost on them.

I haven't seen so many line-cutters and rule-breakers since the 3rd grade cafeteria line.

This lady is hilarious. And knows how to address a Carpool Nazi.

 7. I Married This Man

I say, "I can't bathe the kids, because we don't all fit in the bathroom when the door is closed, but when it's open, I don't have access to the bathtub."

He puts in a pocket door. 

So much for wanting a man who would just listen to my problems without trying to solve them.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

7 Quick Takes: Mom Makes A Break For It (vol. 9)

1. I am leaving for 4 whole days to visit my sisters in NYC! 

Things that happen with the sisters

2. This is the first time I've been gone without Wally or the kids since we've been married, so naturally I'm a little psyched. I'm also a little tempted to miss my flight, hide in a corner of DFW Airport, and spend 4 days buying and reading books from the terminal bookstore.

3. Sadly, the biggest issue I have with #2 is not the missed time with siblings or the lack of terminal shower facilities. It's the price of books in the airport. I just couldn't justify it.

4. It's not that Wally's never been alone with the boys overnight, except well, he hasn't.

5. But truthfully, between us, I'd say Wally's the better parent 10 out of 10 times. I might be the one who makes the breastmilk, takes care of the sick, and OCD cleans the house, but he's the one who's never too busy to read a book over and over and over, or play catch with a kid who can't catch, or fly them around the yard after they kick a soccer goal, or insist that family dining is a civilized time of day when screeching animal sounds are not actually appropriate.

6. I stocked the freezer with PB&J and the fridge with beer, so I think we're set.

7. Here's to hoping: Weekend Without Mom will be such a hit that Wally and the boys beg me to go away again!
Best Dad Ever Award Goes To...