Sunday, February 24, 2013

How Well Do You Know Your Toddler Bible?

Match the toddler's requested story with the one from the Toddler Bible.

If you match correctly, you avoid an unintelligible toddler breakdown! 

1. "The Walking Stick Story" 

     a. Jesus is Tempted in the Desert 

     b. Moses and the Burning Bush

     c. The Israelites in the Wilderness

     d. Moses Tells Pharaoh: Let My People Go!

Answer: b. Moses and The Burning Bush (In the picture, Moses is prostrate before the burning bush. Our son, Joseph, takes note of two things in this story: 1 - Moses is barefoot, 2 - He has a walking stick next to him.)

2. "The Zebra Story"
     a. Noah's Ark

     b. Jesus Rides Into Jerusalem

     c. Creation

     d. Adam and Eve's Fall

Answer: d. Adam and Eve's Fall (While Eve is talking to the serpent, there's a zebra off in the background. This has now become The Zebra Story.)

3. "The Counting Story"

     a. The Disciples' Miraculous Catch of Fish

     b. The Spies in Jericho

     c. Jesus Feeds the 5,000

     d. The Ten Commandments

Answer: c. Jesus Feeds the 5,000 (Even before he could count sequentially, he always ended up with 12 baskets leftover. One, Seven, Four, Five, Two, Three, Twelve!)

4.  "The Water Story! With The House!"

     a. The Wise Man & The Foolish Man

     b. Noah's Ark

     c. Elijah and The Widow in Famine

     d. Jesus' Baptism

Answer: a. The Wise Man and The Foolish Man (We sing this one, and it's a catchy tune, so we sing it all day. Even when we don't want to sing it anymore. We can't stop singing it. Argh. In the Toddler Bible, there's a picture of the wise man's house, built on a rock, with waves crashing around it.)

5. "The Two Blind Men"

     a. Jesus Heals the Blind Man

     b. Angels Visit Sodom

     c. Saul on the Road to Damascus

     d. Elisha and The Blind Army

Answer: a. Jesus Heals the Blind Man (The same picture of the blind man is on side-by-side pages. Joseph thinks there are two blind men.)

6. "The Baby Story"

     a. Baby Jesus is Born

     b. John the Baptist's Birth Foretold

     c. Baby Moses in the River

     d. The Angels Visit Abraham and Sarah  

Answer: c. Baby Moses in the River (I really wish they wouldn't put this story in the toddler version of the Bible. I'm concerned that Joseph will think it's okay to put his baby brother in a body of water, perhaps to be adopted away by a spoiled princess who needs a new pet.)

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